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Essential Supplies for Any Noodle or Soup Establishment

Serving up carbonara or peanut butter ramen noodle dishes? CiboWares has a variety of supplies available to suit any noodle or soup establishment. From quality bowls and cutlery to trays and takeout supplies, we have everything needed to make noodle or soup establishments run smoothly and enhance the look of delicious dishes.

Stylish Bowls

No noodle or soup establishment would be complete without quality bowls!

Use our selection of bowls to serve up chili, stew, french onion, tomato, and classic chicken noodle soups with ease. Soup bowls can also be used to serve up rice, egg, pad thai, ground beef, or shrimp noodles. 

Functional Cutlery and Utensils

Use our selection of soup spoons to scoop thick stews, purees and broths. Or, use our selection of quality bamboo chopsticks to serve up delicious noodle dishes.

Check out our non-disposable forks and knives for side dishes such as vegetables, mashed potatoes, and salads. Salad forks are ideal for use with house caesar or garden salads, and other forks and knives can be used with veggies or mashed potatoes. With so many options available, you have plenty of choices to find just the right style and design to suit your establishment.

Takeout Products

Allow customers to take noodles, sides, and piping hot soups on the go with CiboWares selection of takeout products.

Paper food containers and lids are the ideal option for serving takeout soups and salads. Leak and grease resistant, they are made from durable paperboard with a PE coating. Lids can be sold separately or in combos with containers.

Kraft bowls with lids are perfect for larger orders of salad and have a clear lid to allow for the easy identification of contents.

Deli containers can also be used to serve up takeout orders of soups or noodles. Clear, they are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe for customer convenience and are made from quality BPA-free plastic. These containers can be used to serve up side dishes of spring rolls, rice, or dumplings.

Looking for more stylish ways to serve up takeout noodles? Use folded takeout containers. Leak resistant to seal in sauces and flavors, they can be easily used with our selection of chopsticks to serve up stir-fried or chow mein noodles with style.

Disposable wood and plastic cutlery is also available. Use individually wrapped cutlery for a great sanitary option, or use cutlery kits to give customers access to forks, knives, spoons, napkins, straws, and more in one convenient package.

Use CiboWares selection of quality products to bring some style to any noodle or soup dish. Looking for more products for your noodle or soup establishment? Check out our restaurant supplies for any other product to suit your establishment’s needs.


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