person seated at a restaurant table and wearing a paper disposable biblobster plate at a restaurant

Disposable Bibs Buying Guide

Bibs are an absolute must-have to ensure that customers feel comfortable while eating messy dishes, and are available in a variety of styles to suit any restaurant’s needs! Don’t settle for providing sub-par service! Go above and beyond by offering customers one of CiboWares selection of stylish and comfortable bibs.

Poly Bibs:

Poly bibs are made from waterproof polyethylene and are available in crab, lobster, or plain white styles. Their ultra light design makes them a comfortable option, and their waterproof material allows them to stand up to liquids with ease. They are ideal for use in hospitals, restaurants, and other institutions and have a neck tie that ties behind the users neck to ensure bibs do not fall off while in use. Easy to clean and disposable to help reduce cleanup time, they are a convenient option to ensure maximum customer comfort. These bibs are meant for adults.
Size: 20" L x 15-1/2" W
Designs: Crab, lobster, plain white

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Children’s Poly Bibs:

Similar to poly bibs, these bibs are made from waterproof polyethylene and are perfectly designed to protect children’s clothing from soups, juice, pasta, or ice cream. They feature a convenient catch pocket on the bottom to prevent sauces from running off bibs onto children’s clothing and have a colorful clown holding a balloon design which is perfect for homes, day care centers, play schools, and restaurant or foodservice locations.
Size: 14.5" L x 11" W
Design: Clown holding a balloon

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Paper Bibs:

These stylishly designed bibs have a white crepe paper construction and laminated poly backing to ensure maximum durability. The crepe paper on the front of the bib is designed to absorb liquids and sauces, while the laminated back ensures that liquids do not leak through and ruin customer’s clothing. Comfortable, they can be tied behind user’s necks to ensure that bibs do not come off during service and are an absolute must-have for any hospital, restaurant, or institution. These bibs are meant for adults.
Size: 30" L x 15" W
Designs: Crab, lobster, plain white

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