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The Colorful and Fun Way to Spruce Up Beverages

A staple in kitchens and dining rooms alike, these straws are available in a variety of styles and colors. Choose from individually wrapped, colored, or decorative straws in various sizes to make sure you have just the right straw for your business.

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Made from high quality plastic, CiboWares selection of plastic straws are ideal for sipping everything from juice to milkshakes. Individually wrapped styles are available, making them the perfect choice for take-out locations. Prevent cracking or breaking with these colorful and stylish straws. Sip straws are great for hot drinks and can be used as stirrers as well.


CiboWares offers a wide variety of disposable plastic straws, wrapped and unwrapped, for every drink you can think of. These disposable plastic straws look great and can also be used to make many fun craft projects too. Royal Brand and our own CiboWares wholesale disposable straws by the case or pack will not disappoint and are sure to impress. Shop bendy straws, straight straws, giant neo straws, and more from CiboWares today and save big! Buy drinking straws in bulk with our bulk pricing or by the case for the best savings.

Styles available:

  • Giant red straws (7.75" and 10.25")
  • Individually wrapped jumbo spoon straws (10.25")
  • Jumbo straws (7.75" and 8.75")
  • Sip straws (5" and 7.5")
  • Flexible straws (7.75")
  • Colossal neon straws (8.5")
  • Foil fireworks drinking straws (9.4")
  • Assorted paper fruit straws (9.5")