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Placemats & Trayliners

CiboWares offers a variety of colorful and uniquely designed placemats. Ideal for protecting countertops against spills and hot or cold dishes, these placemats are designed to provide a sanitary dining experience to all customers.

Made from ground wood paper, or other paper materials, the colored/design placemats feature "color fast" ink which prevents the ink from running and causing damage when it becomes wet. They are disposable, ensuring that no dirty placemats are given to another customer.

They are perfect for any event, family dining area, or cafeteria. Disposable trayliners are also available.

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CiboWares offers a variety of disposable placemats to help protect your tabletops, as well as provide all of your customers with a sanitary dining experience. The placemats help to protect against hot and cold dishes, or food and drink spills. Because they are disposable, each customer is given a new placemat, ensuring a more sanitary dining experience.


Made out of ground wood paper, they are completely recyclable and eco-friendly. Their disposable nature provides a convenience your staff will appreciate. 

CiboWares offers placemats in a variety of colors and designs. Colors include black, burgundy, green, gold, blue, pink, beige, white. Designs include Greek Key, Gold Border, Chinese Zodiac, Mexican Fiesta, Sports Trivia, Fun and Games, Italian Map and Facts.


All of our placemats are dyed with color-fast ink, which means the dye will not run from the placemat if they become wet. Wholesale disposable trayliners and placemats will not disappoint and are more fine Royal products brought to you by CiboWares.