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Appetizer And Beverage Picks

CiboWares food picks and skewers are designed to add both fun and functionality to your dishes! Add a splash of color with our many styles of food and drink picks, or make serving fruits and cheeses a breeze with our display picks.

Whether you want add fun and whimsy to your drinks and dishes, or add a look of natural elegance to a tray of appetizers, CiboWares has a wide variety of food and disposable display picks to help you meet your presentation needs. Our products are available in high quality plastic, bamboo, and wood. Perfect for martinis, appetizers, drinks, snacks and more.

Royal brand hors d'oeuvres picks look and work great and are only a click away!

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Our selection of quality disposable picks are available in sizes 3.5"+ and are made from quality bamboo, wood, and plastic materials. 


Bamboo Picks

Bamboo knot picks have a stylish knotted head and are bi-colored. Baseball picks feature a baseball on the end of the pick and a pick that is made from quality bamboo materials. These picks are perfect for serving up appetizers, hors-d'oeuvres, and mini kebabs, while knot picks feature a unique design that can also be used to enhance the look of beverages. 


Wood Picks

Wood sandwich picks feature a rounded edge at one end and a pointed edge on the other and are ideal for adding some class to sandwiches and burgers. Kokeshi toothpicks can be used to assemble bite-sized appetizers, and flag picks can add some style to holiday snacks and appetizers. 


Plastic Picks

Prism picks feature a tapered end and are sure to add some elegance and style to cocktails and beverages.