Paper Food Cup Lids

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Prevent Unfortunate Leaks and Spills


CiboWares selection of paper food cup lids are perfectly designed for use with food containers to prevent unfortunate leaks and spills during the transport of food items and containers. Durable, these lids are an absolute must-have. 


Vented Paper Food Container Lids:

These quality lids are made from paperboard with a PE coating and are grease and leak resistant, making them ideal for use with hot and cold food items. These lids have two venting holes to allow steam to vent from containers of soups, stews, and other hot food items without building pressure. Containers are sold separately. 


Vented Plastic Food Container Lids: 

Recyclable and durable, serve up soups, ice cream, stews, salads, and curries with these quality lids. These lids are made from food grade polypropylene and have many of the same features as paper food container lids. Their clear lids allow for the easy identification of contents for maximum convenience, and their small venting hole allows steam to vent from containers without building pressure. They are ideal for use with paper food containers and are sure to be an asset to any establishment.













  • Material: Paperboard with a PE coating
  • Sizes: 8/12 oz. - 32 oz. 
  • Colors: Kraft and white
  • 2 venting holes
  • Containers are sold separately 



  • Material: Food grade polypropylene
  • Sizes: 8/12 oz. - 32 oz. 
  • Colors: Clear
  • 1 small venting hole
  • Containers are sold separately