Coffee Lids

CiboWares offers a selection of disposable lids which are not only convenient, but help prevent spillage while also keeping hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold!

Coffee Lids

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Disposable cups are an ideal choice for any food service business and we have lids that will go great with them. CiboWares offers a wide selection of disposables lids, cups and barware to serve up a convenient option to your customers. Hot and cold cups are perfect for restaurants, convenience stores, catering and coffee shops as they allow you serve up hot coffee and tea, or cold beverages like juice and soda without the hassle of washing dishes afterwards.

Disposable barware cups are the perfect option for restaurants, bars, catering wedding events and parties so that you can serve up drinks in style, and simply dispose of the items afterwards. Hot drink cups are insulated to prevent need of double-cupping. With a stylish design, these cups will not alter beverage flavor and being disposable makes them the perfect convenient solution for any restaurant, coffee shop, caterer or take-out establishment.


  • Available in 8 ounce up to 24 ounce sizes
  • White and black lids in a variety of styles
  • Will not alter beverage flavor
  • Cups and lids for cold drinks are also available
  • Cups from 8-20 ounce sizes for hot and cold drinks are also available

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