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The Best Gloves For Food Prep

When cooking or baking delicious meals for customers, those in the foodservice industry need reliable gloves in order to ensure safe, sanitary food. Choose from Cibowares’ wide selection of disposable gloves to find the perfect products for your establishment.

Poly Gloves

Perfect for any lighter-duty task, our economical poly gloves are ideal for stacking sandwiches and tossing salads. These lightweight gloves feature a breathable, loose-fitting design and can be quickly and easily removed and replaced.

Latex Gloves

For delicate food prep tasks, use Cibowares’ foodservice latex gloves. Our Apollo gloves feature a secure, tighter fit that makes them ideal for slicing vegetables or garlic. High-quality and durable, they are strong enough to withstand heavier food items such as dough products. These gloves are not suitable for use by users with latex allergies or sensitivities.

Vinyl Gloves

Our wide selection of Vinyl gloves can help protect against minor irritants and are perfect for messier food prep tasks. Featuring a snug fit, they are ideal for protecting hands from sticky cake batter or egg whites.

Nitrile Gloves

These durable gloves are the perfect choice for foodservice workers chopping up onions or hot peppers. Our nitrile Rhino gloves are foodservice grade, snug-fitting and ideal for intricate tasks. Because of their similar snug fit, they are also the best alternative for those with latex allergies.

Make food preparation a breeze with Cibowares’ wide selection of quality poly, latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves.

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