Person holding restaurant sign that says come in we're openPerson holding restaurant sign that says come in we're open

The Benefits of Using Restaurant Signs and Dining Equipment

Simple things like an “OPEN” sign or table bells can help your restaurant provide customers with a great dining experience. Our selection of dining equipment and signs will ensure organized crowd control, and can be used to display menus - helping you attract new customers!

Stylish Signs
Use “OPEN” LED signs to let customers know your establishment is open and ready for business! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, they can be placed on windows or doors and have an energy efficient design. Featuring three different flashing patterns, they are sure to catch potential customers’ attention and encourage them to come and try your culinary delights!

Use black/white reversible write on boards to display specials, events, or new dishes and menus at your establishment! Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, they can be used to attract new customers and keep passerbys and locals up to date on upcoming events to promote new dishes or beverages! They can be used with colorful rain-proof markers to create colorful and creative designs. Get an artistic staff member to draw your restaurant’s logo or colorful images such as hamburgers to advertise a new burger or dish. These durable markers help prevent accidental smudging, but can be removed with a damp paper towel for maximum convenience.

Acrylic table tents are another great option to display specials and upcoming events at your establishment. Ideal for placement on tabletops or counters, they are designed for indoor use and are two sided. Having these signs near the entrance allows customers to see the specials for the day, reducing the stress on staff of having to memorize long or complicated specials. Customers will appreciate the convenience of having special and event information readily available, and adding some colorful designs will help to enhance restaurant atmosphere and feel.

Use hostess signs to let customers know where to go when they enter your establishment! Featuring signs such as “Welcome”, “Please Wait to be Seated”, “Section Reserved” and “Please Come Again”, they are an easy way to welcome guests, tell them where to pay for their meal, or whether to wait for a server or not. These signs will also help reduce stress on your servers, giving them more time to set up and prepare for new customers.

Tabletop Accessories
Tabletop ‘Reserved’ signs are a great way for staff to remember which tables have been reserved for other customers, to avoid confusion and disruption in the dining room, and feature a simple and versatile design suitable for any establishment's theme or feel.

Busy Seasons or Events
Use crowd guidance belts to organize lineups or areas for customers to wait before they are escorted to their tables. These belts help to alleviate stress on restaurant staff and ensure organization and efficiency. They have a portable post and retractable belt to ensure the easy flow of lines and easy transport when needed. They can also be used to reserve seating for a wedding party or event.

Use table bells on counters to allow chefs to ring in orders or customers to ring servers to pay counters. Ideal for ensuring quality service and efficiency, they are perfect for use in restaurants, bars, or cafes.

Organization and style is key to any establishment’s success, and CiboWares has all the products needed to make advertising new specials and seating customers a breeze. Keep restaurants and food establishments organized with CiboWares.


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