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Finding the Right Towels and Wipes for Your Business

From wiping up messy spills to wiping fingers after enjoying a delicious meal, CiboWares has you covered with our selection of towels and wipes. Keep reading to find out what products are right for your business.

Cleaning Wipes
Catch-All towels are the perfect way to wipe up spills of water, coffee, and juice and are made from non-woven materials. Lightweight, these towels can be rinsed out for repeated use, making them an economical and convenient option. They can be removed from the packaging with the help of a built-in dispenser and do not contain detergents or cleaners.

Looking for a more durable towel option? Medium white towels have an increased thickness and have been specially designed to clean up larger spills. Similar to Catch-All towels, they are made from non-woven materials and are reusable. Perfect for wet wiping surfaces such as countertops, glass, and acrylic they come in a convenient self-dispensing box for maximum convenience.

Pink Diamond Towels have many of the same features as Catch-All and Medium towels but are better suited for light, general purpose cleaning.

Centerfold and Multifold towels are perfect for use in restrooms to allow customers to dry their hands after washing. Designed for use in restaurant or bar bathrooms, these towels have a 1-ply design and are a convenient economical choice.

Pull towels and towel rolls are another great option for restaurant or bar bathrooms and are available in kraft or white. These rolls are designed to accommodate a sizable amount of towels, making them an economical option. 1 and 2-ply styles are available.

Baby Wipes
CiboWares’ selection of baby wipes contains a cleansing lotion with aloe vera extract and features a super soft pre-moistened design. They can clear messes from baby’s skin with ease and are alcohol-free. Designed to prevent dry skin and rashes, unscented and scented styles are available. Looking for refills? CiboWares has you covered with both scented and unscented baby wipes refills.

Moist Towelettes
Ultimate Fingerbowls have a refreshing mild lemon scent and come individually wrapped to keep pre-moistened wipes moist and sanitary prior to use. Lint-free, they can be placed in the microwave or refrigerator to provide customers with a warm towel or refreshing cool wipe.

Moist towelettes are water based, not anti-bacterial and can be used to clean hands without the use of soap or water. Durable, these wet naps are ideal for use by customers enjoying messy chicken wings and are available in special print packaging.

First aid wipes are ideal for adding to your location’s first aid kit and are made from benzalkonium chloride. Individually wrapped, they have a fresh lemon scent and can act as an antiseptic for cleansing minor wounds, cuts, and bruises and will help prevent stinging. Conveniently, they are safe for use by user’s with sensitive skin and will help prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Pre-moistened washcloths contain a mild scent with a hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and extra soft design. These washcloths with lanolin are quad folded for easy dispensing and must be stored at room temperature. These wipes cannot be flushed down toilets.

Light scented wipes are alcohol free and have a light scent. Perfect for wiping customers’ hands and faces, they are ideal for outdoor events and do not require soap or water for use.

Made from spunlace material, Spunlace flushable wipes are alcohol free and soft to the touch, making them a refreshing and comfortable wipe. Fully biodegradable, these wipes are safe for wastewater treatment systems and are aloe and lanolin infused, making them ideal for use by customer’s with sensitive skin. Use only 1-2 wipes per flush, and be sure to store the container at room temperature. Containers should also be kept closed to keep wipes moist and ready for use.

To find out more about our selection of towels and wipes, be sure to read our “Keeping Fingers Clean with Moist Towelettes” blog post.

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