white paper hot cups with kraft cup sleeves next to a chocolate chip muffin on a black napkin4 of our SFI certified paperboard hot cups set out on a table

What does SFI Certified Mean?

CiboWares offers a variety of hot cups, food containers, and other eco-friendly products that are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, or SFI. But what does this certification mean, and why is it important to consider? Keep reading to learn more.

The SFI is responsible for the sustainable forestry initiative certification program. This means that they offer rules and guidelines to help ensure that paper merchants and other manufacturers of forest products are using sustainable practices. In order to be considered SFI certified, these guidelines must be met.

When using SFI certified products, customers can be sure that the materials used were obtained using responsible, eco-friendly methods and did not come from other sources such as illegal logging.

Choose high quality products and reduce your establishment’s impact on the environment with CiboWares’ wide selection of eco-friendly disposables.

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