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Turn up the dial on your next party

When it comes to throwing a party, everyone wants theirs to be fun, memorable and original. Naturally this is easier said than done. Parties are difficult to plan, and trying to put your original spin on the event can add onto the pressure. Fortunately, turning up the dial on your next party doesn’t have to be difficult. Upgrading to better quality supplies or switching up your food presentations can be all it takes. Read our tips below on ways to get guests talking about your event for years to come.

Dial Up the Supplies

Paper plates, Styrofoam bowls and plastic utensils are among the most common party supplies. They’re also predictable and boring. Using party supplies made from quality materials is a great way to take your party to the next level.

Today, top quality doesn’t get much better than products made from environmentally friendly materials like bamboo and palm leaves. Tableware products including bowls and plates made from these materials add a sleek, stylish look to any meal. For those who just want a taste of your creations, turn to palm leaf tasting plates and dips.

Rather than going with plastic utensils, try serving heavy weight disposable forks, knives and spoons made from birch wood. These durable wooden utensils will ensure you never have a guest snap their plastic forks and spoons while cutting into steak or dipping into ice cream. All these materials are eco-friendly, making them a great addition to any compost after the party’s done.

Dial Up the Presentation

Party and dinning experts will tell you that presentation is just as important as the food itself. Instead of serving appetizers and cocktails in paper bowls and plastic cups, try serving them in tasting cones or serving boats. These products are lightweight and portable, allowing guests to walk and mingle without concern about dropping plates.

Whether you’re setting out food buffet-style or having servers offer hors d'oeuvres, picks are a great way to show you’re throwing a party with style. Bamboo knot and paddle picks are other great options. Personalize meals with bamboo display picks, which feature room to include guests’ names. Silver and gold food shells for potatoes and shellfish are sure to grab any guest’s eye while also allowing for easy portioning.

Dial Up the Fun

Even the slightest twist on traditional supplies can add some fun for any party of theme. Red devil plastic forks or bamboo skull picks, for example, are a perfect fit for Halloween parties. Bamboo supplies aren’t just for upper-scale events - bamboo picks, available in various colors and styles, add some flair while still showing your commitment to the eco-friendly products.

Dialing up the fun doesn’t have to be limited to food. Serving drinks with paper fruit straws is a great way to get guests feeling the summertime vibe. For summertime holidays including the Fourth of July, there’s no beating fireworks drinking straws and >American flag picks. Themes and holidays aside, you can always use jumbo spoon straws to bring out the childlike side of any guest.

From eco-friendly tableware to themed straws, there are many ways to take your next party up a notch. We at CiboWares believe that finding the right party supplies should never be a hassle. For your next party, make sure to make us your one-stop party shop!


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