bamboo serving boats with a single piece of sushi insidebamboo serving boats with a single piece of sushi

The Many Uses of Serving Boats

When it comes to creating great dining experiences, even the smallest touches can make all the difference. Tableware products such as serving boats can be used in many ways to create that atmosphere you're after. Whether you’re running a food truck or hosting an elegant dinner party, serving boats are designed to add a special touch to whatever food is on your menu. Keep on reading to learn about the many ways serving boats can be used to at your food establishment.

Concession Stands

Whether you’re running a stand at a sports event or street fair, people expect to be served quickly. Serving boats are perfect for passing out finger foods like cheese fries or chicken fingers. Their curved design makes it easy for customers to hold when they head back to their seats. While other stands stick to standard paper plates and bowls, servings boats are a great way to “stand” out from the crowd!


With their simplistic yet stylish design, serving boats are the perfect tableware product to end any meal. Cakes and pastries can be served with whipped cream or a piece of fruit on the side. Preparing ice cream sundaes is as simple as lining up two or three scoops in a serving boat. Remember that small-size boats can hold tiny dessert portions so guests don’t have to worry about going overboard with yummy treats.

Main Course

Large-size serving boats can add a dose of elegance to any main course. Creative arrangements with pastas, for example, will look even more distinguished on a non-traditional tableware product. Meat courses like chicken can sit on a bed of garnishes to catch guests’ eyes. Of course, let’s not forget that serving boats can go with smaller items - side dishes like potatoes, salads and vegetables served in our boats are sure to look great next to any main dish.


Our small-size serving boats are a great way to serve bite-sized portions at any kind of event. If you’re serving at a buffet, hand out samples of unfamiliar dishes to customers. If your establishment offers “tours” of different items, bringing out a platter of serving boats adds a stylish flare to the presentation. Serving boats also address sanitary issues, as separated samples prevent people and servers from accidentally touching other food.

Snacks and Dips

Most restaurants stick to serving dips and dressings in tiny side cups. Our serving boats are available in several sizes, meaning you can combine different boats to create the ideal food setup. Bring out a plate of wings in a large boat and a small boat of bleu cheese dressing that fits inside this. Guests will appreciate this unique twist on serving traditional appetizers.

Few tableware products offer the same range of creativity as our serving boats. Made from eco-friendly bamboo and premium-quality birch wood, serving boats spice up food presentations while having zero impact on the environment. Available in sizes up to 8.5” x 4, our products are sure to fit with your menu. It’s time to get creative - purchase your first batch of serving boats today!


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