kitchen worker wearing a hairnet and prepping a saladkitchen worker wearing a hairnet and prepping a salad

Hair Nets & Beard Nets - Getting Your Staff to Wear Them Every Time

Hygiene and food protection are among the top priorities of any food establishment manager. Having employees wear protective gear, including hair nets and beard protectors, is the most basic way to address these concerns. However, staff members might not always wear what’s required of them. While reasons can vary from simply forgetting to outright ignoring what’s expected of them, they don’t excuse your establishment from not following policy. Today, we’ll cover some ways to get your staff to wear hair and beard nets every time.


Many employees, especially if they’re new to the restaurant industry, might not understand the purpose of wearing hair and beard nets. The importance of wearing proper gear, such as preventing food contamination, should be clearly explained to all workers. Staff should also understand that wearing proper gear is required by health codes, and that failing to do so can result in fines and other consequences for the establishment. In other words - you’re not making them wear them hair and beard nets for the fun of it!


There are a variety of hair and beard nets to dress your staff with. Try asking your employees for feedback on what they’d prefer to wear, perhaps at your next staff meeting. Perhaps they’d prefer wearing blue color nets over black. Maybe the type you currently provide are too tight and therefore uncomfortable over long shifts. Providing gear that your staff helped picked out means they’ll have little reason to avoid wearing it.

Past Examples

Everyone expects a certain level of conduct and professionalism when they’re out at a restaurant. All too often, however, employees forget about those same expectations when they’re in the kitchen. At your next staff meeting, try asking employees to share less than ideal experiences at a food establishment. What made the experience painful? Perhaps their food wasn’t cooked properly? Was it the result of finding hair in their food? Discussions about these bad experiences can help remind staff members the importance of following health and safety protocol, including wearing hair and beard nets. After all, they shouldn’t expect customers to expect anything other than a great experience.

Set the Example

There really is something to the saying “show, don’t tell.” While you can go on about the importance of wearing hair nets and other safety gear, try showing your staff that you really mean it. When training employees in your kitchen, make sure to put on a hair net. If you’re helping on particularly busy nights, put on a hair net. If staff members recognize your commitment to running a safe and healthy establishment, they’ll be more likely to follow suit.

We at CiboWares provide hair nets and beard protectors in a variety of colors, materials and styles to best fit the needs and preferences of your staff. All our nets are comfortable and available in different sizes to best fit every employee. When you go with our products, you’ll never have to worry about catching anyone without the proper gear again


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