chef garnishing a platechef garnishing a plate

Plating and Presentation Trends

When a plate of delicious food arrives at your customer's table, the first thing they notice is the presentation. Uninventive or disappointing presentation can severely impact customer’s first impressions and their enjoyment of the meal. Keep your dishes looking fresh, exciting, and ready to serve with these tips and trends, and CiboWares' selection of premium quality products that are guaranteed to make any dish look beautiful and delicious.

Plates are Out, Trays are In
Whether you’re serving up fresh and juicy burgers or decadent desserts, try something new by serving dishes on trays or platters instead of traditional plates. Our Wood Sampler Serving Paddles are ideal for serving up beer samplers or other small beverages. and have a rustic look that is sure to impress.

Use Beverage Mugs and Glasses
Expand your horizons by not only using our selection of mugs and glasses to serve up juice or cappuccinos, but appetizers, side dishes, and desserts as well!

Serving up house made ice cream sundaes or parfaits? Use a selection of glass jars, mugs and tankards instead of traditional dessert dishes to enhance the look of your decadent desserts. Because they’re glass, they allow customers to see the many creamy layers of sundaes and parfaits, plus they have handles for easy transport to tables.

Cocktail glasses feature an elegant and distinct design that is guaranteed to keep customers coming back for more, and makes them the ideal choice for serving up fresh shrimp, small salads, desserts and other small appetizers.

Add Some Extra Color and Flair
To add some extra pop and zing to any presentation, use colorful accessories and table products to catch customers attention and give dishes a beautiful presentation. Colorful and functional, CiboWares' selection of dinner and beverage napkins are sure to impress. They are available in a variety of colors to suit any table setting, dish, or event. Coordinating napkin bands are also available for maximum convenience.

Placemats come in a multitude of fun designs and colors. Featuring durable designs, they can stand up to any dish and are perfect for use at any event or restaurant location.

Have Some Fun!
Don’t be afraid to be inventive and add some extra color and fun to plating and presentation! If you’re bored of simply giving customers mints after a meal, try serving them in stylish and elegant tasting cones. Or, if you don’t feel trays or platters are suited for your dishes, try serving up shrimp, desserts, and fries or nachos in durable and functional serving boats.

Looking for more products to make your dishes look eye-catching and unique? Be sure to check out our food and drink pick and sugarcane tableware buying guides. Or, check out our dining blog posts for all the information you need to make your tableware and dishes a hit.


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