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Cooking Pan Buying Guide

Saute and Fry with Style

There’s nothing customers appreciate more than a nice breakfast of fried bacon and eggs or a delicious dinner of sauteed vegetables and fresh baked bread. Don’t settle for pans that burn food or break easily! Use CiboWares' selection of premium quality sauce pans, fry pans, and other pan products to treat your customers to the the best meal possible.

Sauce Pans

Cook and reduce soups or sauces with ease with our selection of sauce pans. They feature sandwiched bottoms with an aluminum core wrapped around two layers of stainless steel, and their handle has a hole to allow for easy storage on pot and pan racks.
Quart: 1 - 10
Dimensions: 5.8” diameter x 2.7” deep - 9.8” diameter x 5.2” deep
Material: Aluminum, stainless steel
Thickness: Aluminum pans have a minimum of 3.0 mm
Covers: Stainless steel pans come with covers, aluminum covers are sold separately
Uses: Cooking and reducing sauces, soups

Fry Pans

Ideal for use at restaurants, cafes, diners, food trucks, and a variety of other foodservice locations, serve up sauted vegetables, fried bacon, or pancakes with durable and reliable fry pans. Featuring a handle for safe and easy handling, they can be stored on pot and pan racks to help save valuable storage space.

Quantum Fry Pans: Featuring a functional non-stick design, these fry pans come with a removable sleeve that is heat resistant up to 450 degrees F to allow for easy and convenient cooking.
Sizes: 10”
Material: 3003 aluminum with silicone sleeve

Aluminum Fry Pans with Mirror Finish: Features a stylish and eye-catching mirror finish. 

Size: 10”, 14”
Material: 3003 aluminum 
Thickness: 3.5 mm

Excalibur Aluminum Non-Stick Fry Pans: Has a heavy duty, riveted handle to ensure safe and easy handling, and their non-stick design helps to ensure quality cooking. To keep this product in pristine condition, hand washing is recommended. Styles with inserts are available.
Sizes: 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”
Material: Aluminum alloy

Other Related Products

California Style Iron Steak Weights: Designed to reduce cooking time on grills, cook sausages, bacon, and other meat products in a timely manner with steak weights. To use, simply press down on the meat to speed up cooking time. To ensure user protection and safety, the durable handle does not become hot during use. With their durable and functional design, they are guaranteed to cook dishes to perfection.
Size: 4-¼” x 8-¼”
Material: Cast iron with a wooden handle

Sizzling Stainless Steel Oval Platters: Melt cheese on pasta or serve up juicy steak and cooked vegetables with these quality oval platters. Oven safe, they prevent sauces and liquids from spilling over the sides to ensure quality service, and are designed for use with sizzle underline platters.
Size: 11”
Material: Stainless steel
Style: Oval shaped
Note: Sizzle underline platters sold separately

Sizzle Underline Platters: Keep delicious steak, pasta, and cooked vegetables piping hot and ready to serve with sizzle underline platters. Designed for use with sizzling platters, they have handles to allow for easy handling of dishes and to prevent unfortunate burns. Elegantly and functionally designed, these platters are perfect for any food service location serving up sizzling dishes.
Size: 11”
Material: Stainless steel
Style: Oval shaped
Note: Sizzling stainless steel oval platters sold separately