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Disposable Barware for Any Event

Barware is a necessity for any establishment operating a bar or serving up beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages! A big part of having a bar is promoting and hosting events to engage customers, and to add some fun to your establishment! Use CiboWares' selection of disposable barware to serve up some classic beverages at your bar’s next event, and save valuable time and money.

Wine Tastings

Wine tastings are a great way to introduce customers to your establishment, and display various wine choices that your establishment offers. It can also be used to debut new wine flavors. Serve up merlots or sauvignon blancs with our selection of disposable wine glasses.

Made from heavy weight plastic, these glasses can stand up to heavy use and will not shatter or break if dropped. They feature an elegant design with a unique base for easy placement on tables or counters. They also have the high-gloss look of glass to make quality wines stand out and to create a great presentation.

Holidays & Events

Keep up with the demand of busy holidays like New Year’s Eve and St-Patrick’s Day with disposable products. Sporting events also gather large crowds. Take advantage by hosting a sport’s night at the bar with shot or beer specials for groups of sports fans. Serve up shots of whiskey or tequila with our selection of disposable shot glasses. Featuring a crystal clear design, they can be hand washed or disposed for maximum convenience.

Offer creative mixed drink specials with shot cups for bombs! These cups feature a smaller inner chamber and a larger outer chamber. Mix alcohol and juice, or a variety of other beverages by pouring alcohol into the inner chamber, and other substances into the outer chamber. As the glass is tipped, both drinks mix to create the ultimate beverage experience and flavor! They are available in clear or assorted colors to add some fun and excitement to any event.


The perfect option for caterers, serve up a toast to the lucky couple with disposable champagne glasses! Disposable square champagne glasses feature a stylish polished finish and have a square base and top to give them a unique and trendy look. Old fashioned plastic champagne glasses feature a wide round base to ensure easy placement on surfaces, and feature a stylish wide rim to give champagne a vintage and elegant look.

Everyday Bar Use

Squat tumbler glasses are ideal for use with water, orange juice, punch, and cocktails! The 5 oz. styles can also be used to serve up mini desserts to create a small sweet bite.

From classy wine tastings to creative shots or specialty drinks, CiboWares has everything you need to serve up a variety of unique beverages. Looking for more products for your bar? Be sure to check out our selection of bar supplies and glassware.


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