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Creative Uses for Bamboo Picks and Skewers

Bamboo stirrers, skewers, and picks are the perfect tool to have on hand in the kitchen. Not only are bamboo products much more environmentally-friendly than using plastic utensils, but they add a natural, elegant look to any project or recipe that you use with them.

We’ve rounded up some of the absolute best ways to use bamboo picks, skewers and stirrers, from fun and creative craft projects, to tasty dishes that everyone will love.

Caprese Salad Bites

Bamboo picks are the perfect tool for preparing these tasty bites, which can be made ahead of time, and are always a favorite. Simply skewer a pick with a fresh cherry tomato, a bite-sized chunk of mozzarella cheese, and a fresh basil leaf. Right before you’re ready to serve, drizzle olive oil and sprinkle sea salt on top for a tasty, Mediterranean-inspired treat.

Fruity Drink Garnishes

For a delicious, festive garnish to any cocktail, stack a mixture of fruits (we love using strawberries, blueberries, and grapes), along a knotted bamboo pick, leaving just the knotted top exposed. Now you have a creative (and tasty!) stirring utensil that will add a little color to your favorite drink.

Strawberry Shortcake

Dessert is as easy as 1-2-3 with bamboo skewers! Cut a store-bought pound cake into small, 1-inch chunks, and spear a skewer with the cake, and sliced strawberries, alternating between the two until the skewer is full. Set out bowls of melted chocolate for dipping, and you’ve just created a delicious, hands-on dessert.

Extra-Special Surprise Cake

Bamboo skewers are a great tool to keep in the kitchen, especially for baking – and especially for making this extra-special surprise cake! Follow the recipe for your favorite cake (we love making this recipe with dark chocolate cake). After baking, allow the cake to cool for five minutes. Then, use bamboo skewers to poke holes in the cake – about 20 to 25. Fill each hole with your favorite melted topping – try fudge, or caramel. After you ice your cake, there will be a sweet surprise in each slice.

Donut Hole Coffee Stirrers

Add a little something extra to your morning cup of joe! Spear a bamboo coffee stirrer with a donut hole, and serve for a two-in-one morning treat.

Coffee Stirrer Wall Art

This craft project is easy to do, even if you’re not an artist! First, gather about 30 bamboo coffee stirrers, and choose three colors of acrylic paint. Paint the top half and bottom half of each coffee stirrer – don’t be afraid to mix up the paints, so that each stirrer has two distinct colors. After the paint has dried, line the coffee stirrers on their flat sides on the back of picture frame mat. Cover with the glass of the picture frame, and you have a custom work of art ready to hang on your wall. Visit our pinterest to check out the projects that inspired this one.


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