Whip Up Success in Your Bakerybaking utensils and eggs against a light pink background

Whip Up Success in Your Bakery

Whether you’re just opening your first bakery or have been in the business for years, you know business can be both hectic and competitive all year. What sets your business apart from other bakeries? Below, we look at some ways to give your bakery a boost this season. There are even some ideas that we at CiboWares can help you with!

Create a Diverse Menu

Consider expanding your menu to include vegan options, gluten free options, and/or keto options. (Although accomplishing all three in one recipe would be next to impossible, it would be impressive!) Keto has become less niche so there is an interested audience, but it also hasn’t become so mainstream that there are high quality and fresh treat options at every bakery.

Share Dietary Info

If you’re offering items that adhere to specific dietary needs, offering the ingredient list and nutrition information is very helpful to and appreciated by customers. It offers peace of mind and instills trust when a company is upfront about what is in their treats.

Celebrate the Seasons

Let seasonal weather inspire your bakery’s menu! We’re coming into fall soon, which means there’s about to be an avalanche of pumpkin spice including products like… well, everything. Pumpkin spice is popular for a reason (it’s delicious!) and deserves to be on your menu.
However, consider taking your menu one step further and introduce new treats and breads with fall inspired spices and seeds like cardamom, caraway, cumin, and cloves. Pecans, walnuts, and sesame seeds have earthy flavors that remind us of fall harvest and can be used recipes for both sweets and breads.
Presenting your seasonal treats in a display case shows them off to customers and encourages sales. Our Disposable Paper Lace Doilies come in a range of sizes and look great under cakes, cupcakes, or cookies in a display case or at the bottom of a take-out box.

Weekly Specials

Using different days of the week to promote a specific type of baked good can provide both a routine, and a surprise, all in one. For example, Mondays might be “Muffin Mondays”, where a type of muffin not being sold on your everyday menu is promoted.
(Interested in “Muffin Mondays”? We have Tulip Style Baking Cups that make muffins and cupcakes look extra appealing!)

Let Customers Try Before They Buy

Samples are always a hit and encourage customers to buy the product they just enjoyed. Our Portion Cups are perfect for providing just a taste of your baked goods. Taster spoons make it easy for customers to enjoy samples that might be a bit messier!

Offer Bulk Pricing

Consider offering customers a better price per unit when they place a large order. Being willing to do custom quotes depending on a customer’s needs can also go a long way.
Did you score that large order, and need something to pack up your tasty cookies and pastries in? Try our Half Pan or Full Pan Corrugated Catering Boxes! They are durable, easily assembled, and can hold a bulk of baked goods. Putting Catering Boxes inside our coordinating Corrugated Carry Out Boxes makes for easy transportation of large orders.


Your delicious baked goods do a lot of promoting of their own, so the above are just a few ways to encourage more customers to your bakery. Keeping the practices of your business that you love and incorporating new ideas is a great way to retain your existing customers and earn new ones. The flow of new ideas might inspire you to create your next big hit recipe!