olives, cheese and baby tomatoes on a bamboo knot picksplate of hors d'oeuvres

Serving Up a Party

Whether you’re serving meals at a child’s birthday or a high school reunion, preparing for a party is exciting and intimidating. For many, the top concern is having everything necessary for serving food to guests. Should the event be buffet-style? What’s the best way to portion out food? Preparing your supplies even a couple days beforehand reduces stress and eliminates the need for last minute errand runs. Today, we’re here to walk you through everything you need to serve the food at your next party! 

Understanding the Menu

Knowing what food you’re serving at the party will determine what supplies to bring. Children’s birthday parties might include chicken fingers, fries and hamburgers. Equipment to keep food warm, including chafing fuels, is essential. If you’re serving food at a corporate lunchtime party, cold sandwiches and wraps are likely on the menu. Supplies like cocktail plates are portable and make it easy for coworkers to carry their food and mingle. 

Serving Guests

Once you understand the supplies needed for the menu, the next step is understanding how you’ll serve the guests. Party organizers might prefer a buffet-style event so guests can eat as they please. In addition to chafing fuel, you’ll want to portion out items so there’s enough for all guests. Use dip trays to serve single-portion veggies and dip. Food shells are great for preparing servings beforehand, and are available for specific items such as crabs, clams and potatoes.

More formal events might feature a sit-down dinner with multiple courses. While you have the option to use tableware made of glass or porcelain, disposable plates make for easier cleanups and eliminate the need for washing. Plates made from bamboo and palm leaf are eco-friendly and offer a sleek, stylish look. Bowls made from the same materials are perfect for pasta dishes and salads. Both tableware supplies come in a variety of shapes and sizes to go along with any theme.

When it comes to dessert, you can portion out servings of ice cream or trail mixes with tasting cones. Their design makes it easy for guests to grab and carry back to their seats. Servers can use cocktail plates to serve slices of cake or fruit and cheese platters combos. For coffee and tea, stirrers are essential for mixing that right amount of cream, milk and sugar. 

Accessories to Add a Special Touch

Cooking for various party themes and atmospheres gives you the opportunity to get creative with your dishes. While adding your unique spin on classic recipes is fun, presentation is just as important. Add some style to your cocktails or hors d'oeuvres with bamboo knot picks. Leave a coaster at every place setting to protect tabletops. While plain white coasters do the job, you can always opt for special designs, such as gold greek keys.

For more casual and fun events, accessories are a great way to get guests into the partying spirit. Serve appetizers with pinwheel or frill party picks. If your menu includes milkshakes or slushies, serve them with jumbo spoon straws. Fireworks and fruit straws are perfect for adding that summertime feeling to lemonade or island-themed cocktails.
No matter the theme or setting, we have all the party supplies you need to make sure the food you serve is something your guests won’t soon forget.


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