What's the Scoop? Best Disposable Supplies for Ice Cream Shops4 ice cream cones with ice cream against a blue background

What's the Scoop? Best Disposable Supplies for Ice Cream Shops

Let CiboWares help you restock the supply shelves at your ice cream shop. With supplies such as sample and regular sized spoons, disposable paper food containers and lids, napkins, and cold cups, we can provide just about every consumable needed except the ice cream!

Paper food containers are our best option for serving ice cream, for either dining in in fast service restaurants, or taking orders to go. Available in 8 oz to 32 oz, paper food containers can hold anywhere from a single serving to enough to feed a small group. (For context, a popular chain restaurant famous for their soft serve has sizes ranging from 6 oz to 21 oz.) If you are planning on offering your ice cream to go, we suggest applying labels to our available lids to cover the steam holes. This helps to prevent air from entering the container and causing crystallization.

Spoons are a necessity for any ice cream shop serving sundaes or other treats in a dish instead of a cone. Teaspoons are a good option to offer with your treats. Want customers to be able to try before they buy? Sample spoons are a great choice to have on hand so they can do so! Offering samples is especially helpful for ice cream shops that pride themselves on having unique and unheard-of flavors or combinations. This way customers can have a taste without being wasteful if they decide a flavor isn’t for them. Sample spoons also take up less space on your supply shelf and are more cost effective and than using regular size spoons for samples. Using taster spoons for samples also produces less plastic waste than using regular size spoons.

If your ice cream shop offers other delicious treats such as milkshakes, slushies, and floats, you will need to have cups, lids, and straws in your inventory.

We have paper and plastic cups and coordinating lids available. Paper cups are a bit more insulated, so items don’t melt as quickly as they do in plastic cups. They are not, however, recyclable in a lot of regions. Plastic cups, on the other hand, might let contents melt a bit sooner, but can usually be recycled once rinsed. The best choice is based on preference.

Currently, we have plastic lids available for our paper and plastic cups. We have both dome and flat style available. Flat style lids take up less space in your storage area and are ideal when there are no extra toppings being added to a drink. Dome lids, however, allow you to add whipped cream to your milkshakes or an extra scoop of ice cream atop your floats.

Straws are needed to enjoy a milkshake or slushie. We recommend using “giant” or spoon straws. Giant straws have a bigger diameter than the straws used for soda or juice at restaurants. This makes them ideal for enjoying thicker drinks like milkshakes, floats, smoothies, or slushies. Spoon straws are also a great option for drinking thicker drinks and scooping up the last bits that can’t make it up the straw.

CiboWares can help you stock your ice cream shop’s supply shelves with just about all the disposable items you need. For assistance with product selection or to place an order, visit our contact us page for options. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team will be happy to help you out!