specialty burgers set out on a counterspecialty burgers set out on a counter

Burger's to go: Different ways to serve them up!

Few dishes exist that customers are more passionate about than the hamburger. The simple concept of placing beef in-between a bun has allowed for hundreds of takes on this classic American meal. Of course, the creativity isn’t limited to the toppings. CiboWares provides a variety of products to change up the way you serve your hamburgers. Whether you run a restaurant or concession stand, below are some new, fun ways to serve up your burgers.

Tableware products like plates are a great way to separate your burgers from those of other establishments. Our eco-friendly bamboo and palm leaf plates, for example, offer a stylish look to any kind of burger. Despite their lightweight look and feel, they’re extremely durable and capable of handling the most monstrous of creations. Other tableware options include serving boats, made from bamboo and birch wood. If grab and go is your style, serving boats are also eco-friendly and feature a curved design to add a unique twist to any burger presentation. Small boats can be used for extra condiments, such as ketchup, for fries. If specialty burgers are your specialty, our serving boats are for you!

While the right tableware can enhance your burger presentations, accessories like picks and skewers are perfect for adding that final touch. Featuring a knotted top, our bamboo knot picks add style for handcrafted burgers. You can also go with our bamboo paddle picks, which are ideal for keeping every burger component together en route to the customer. If you’re looking to add some fun to your burger presentations, turn to our bamboo ball picks. They’re available in a variety of colors to best go with a particular burger or the overall feel of your establishment.

Picks are also a great way to dress up your burgers for special events or occasions. Our American flag picks, for example, are perfect for showing off your patriotism come Independence Day. Serve up your burgers with sword picks to add some summertime flare. For birthday parties, you can’t go wrong with choices like mega frills party picks and pinwheel party picks.

Meat Markers
While burger presentations can be stylish and fun, sometimes practicality is best. Use our meat markers to designate how customers order their burgers. Our wooden markers cover every meat preference, from “rare” to “well,” so customers know they’re getting what they asked for. For additional support, turn to our color coded plastic meat markers, where each preference is designated with a different color. Don’t forget that meat markers shouldn’t limit your other presentation choices. Indeed, meat markers can go great with our eco-friendly plates and serving boats.

Just because your customers can’t enjoy your burgers in-house doesn’t mean you have to short them on their presentations! Take advantage of our folded takeout boxes, featuring a one-piece design so employees and customers don’t have to worry about fastening lids. Our boxes are made to hold in heat so your burgers stay warm until the customer is ready to dig in. Even the most outrageous of burgers can travel safely in our boxes: their leak-proof interior ensure the cheese and sauce stay on the burger and off the car seat.


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