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  • Oranges in 24
  • 24
  • Close-up Oranges in 24
  • Plastic Mesh Bag Color Options

24" Orange Plastic Mesh Bags

Case of 1,000


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  • Material: Plastic mesh fabric
  • Length: 24"
  • Width: 8" flat, stretches up to 14"
  • Mesh Holes: .25"
  • Color: Orange


These Orange Plastic Mesh Bags are perfect for the boiling and preparing of seafood such as: shellfish, mussels, and clams. They facilitate the easy soaking of meats in marinade and are perfect for the carrying, storing, or selling of fruit and vegetables. Their heat-sealed and extremely durable design is safe to use, and is guaranteed to prevent any ripping or tearing. These bags help to reduce handling and minimize waste as the open mesh offers 100% breathability. With all of these great qualities, these bags are an absolute must-have. Want to learn more about our selection of disposable bags? Be sure to read our Disposable Bags Buying Guide.


Perfect for packaging produce, nuts, or shellfish. Ideal for independent sellers at farmers' or street markets, these bags can be quickly and efficiently filled with produce or other items.

Case details

Case Gross Weight9.6 lbs
Case Dimensions12" x 15.75" x 12"
Pallet Quantity5 x 10