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Colorful Napkins For Any Occasion

Dinner and beverage napkins are colorful and durable options for any restaurant location. Sturdy and absorbent, they are sure to make any table setting look fun and festive. Disposable, they reduce cleanup time and are ideal for use at restaurants, cafes, diners, buffets, or other food service locations. The perfect party napkins at the cheapest prices going.

Royal brand napkins look great and will not disappoint. Buy cases of napkins and take advantage of our bulk pricing for the best savings. We also carry napkin bands to make these great looking bulk napkins even better.

Shop Napkin Bands for the perfect complement to any napkin.

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CiboWares offers many different kinds of napkins to choose from.  We also have napkin bands to add even more style to your venue or event.  Beverage napkins add fun to juice, coffee, teas, cocktails and more. Disposable, they are a cheap napkin to buy and are ideal for protecting counter tops and other surfaces from leaks or spills. Dinner napkins are another popular choice for table settings and are larger than beverage napkins. These napkins are also available in many fun colors.  Finally, we have Airlaid napkins with the looks and feel of cloth at the fraction of the cost.

Beverage napkins:

  • Available in 10" x 10" (flat) sizes
  • Made from durable paper.
  • 11 fantastic colors: black, navy blue, chocolate brown, kelly green, kraft (light brown), orange, purple, red, red gingham, white and yellow.

Dinner napkins:

  • Available in 15" x 17" (flat) sizes
  • Durable napkin choice.
  • 6 fun colors including black, dark green, purple, red, teal and white.

Airlaid napkins:

  • A popular choice for table settings. 
  • Highly absorbent and soft to the touch, these quality napkins are more durable than traditional paper napkins.
  • Made from air-laid paper, they have a fabric-like feel and a non-linting, non-static design.
  • They offer the look and feel of traditional cloth napkins without the steep price, and are disposable to reduce cleanup.
  • Eco-friendly and guaranteed to impress.
  • Airlaid napkins come in white
  • 4 different sizes: 12" x 17", 15" x 17", 16" x 16", and 17" x 17".