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4" Bamboo Picks with Silver Ball End and Blue Tip

Pack of 100


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  • Material: Pick is made from bamboo
  • Size: Total length is 4", usable size is 3.25"
  • Bamboo picks offer more strength and durability than wood or plastic picks
  • Convenient, one time use item
  • Perfect for serving appetizers, hors d'oeuvres and mini kebabs


These Bamboo Picks with a Ball End and Blue Tip are the functional and fun choice. They are perfect for spearing foods for appetizer and dessert trays at any event, and can be used to spear fruit to create beautiful drink garnishes. Highly durable, bamboo picks are stronger than wooden picks, and can hold more weight. Sharp enough to pierce through food items with ease, they are guaranteed to prevent splintering or shredding. Looking for more fun and creative picks? Be sure to check out our Food and Drink Pick Buying Guide.


Easily spear foods, and add fun to any platter with our decorative picks. Perfect for parties, restaurants, or any gathering with refreshments.

Case details

Case Gross Weight0.08 lbs
Case Dimensions0.25" x 4" x 3.75"