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10" Filter Cone Holders

Pack of 1


Item #FF8107351

MPN #FCH10-1

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  • Size: 10"
  • Fit for use in combination with 10" filters
  • Increases the life of fryer oil
  • Saves money, reduces wastage
  • Helps remove smoking and unpleasant taste from used cooking oil by safely holding filters in place


These Filter Cone Holders are an effective means of increasing the life of your fryer oil as it secures and holds the filter cone in place. They support the process of filtering the frying oil to let the filter cones to take out the smoky smell and the unpleasant taste from old food particle residue that gets left in the oil. They are guaranteed to reduce the amount of times your business replaces fryer oil and save your valuable money in the process. Looking for more information on our quality fry oil filtration products? Be sure to read our Fry Oil Filtration Buying Guide.


In any restaurant or workplace setting, safety is very important. These filter cones help improve safety by promoting the use of the machines automatic filtration systems. Take proper precautions for your staff, and filter your fryer's oil!

Case details

Case Gross Weight1.54 lbs
Case Dimensions8" x 18.25" x 9.75"