Prevent unfortunate burns and stay eco-friendly with Envirolines kraft hot cup sleeves. Guaranteed to protect customers hands against hot beverages, they are perfectly suited for any food service location.


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Protect Customers From Hot Beverages

The unique and stylish way to protect customers from hot beverages, Envirolines kraft hot cup sleeves have an insulating layer, putting an end to double cupping hot beverages. With boxes printed on the reverse side of the sleeve, servers can note the customers name, and if they ordered black, decaf, cappuccino, latte, cream, sugar, soy, or other to ensure each customer gets the correct beverage. Made from 80% post consumer recycled paper, they are easy to use, and can fit most standard 8 oz to 24 oz paper hot beverage cups. 

<br><br>Perfect for use at diners, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and other locations serving up piping hot beverages, they are sure to satisfy customers and restaurateurs.